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We help your organization embrace Secure Software development practices which enables you to build rugged, resilient code.

You want to build your application so that it withstands the onslaught of attacks it will receive in the real world?

We can help your team learn to do just that. Achieving this goal is more of a mindset than anything else. We can help your management learn how to cultivate that mindset so that your team grows in healthy directions without killing development timelines. The key here is to understand risks and to communicate them effectively. The goal is to empower developers and managers with the ability to understand risk so that they can make decisions for the organization long after we're gone. We can help your organization understand your specific risks and needs and how to build your software around them.

Mabuhay Enterprises could also be of service to you if you are in need of a software architect to work on a specific project, but do not have a full time position for that person once the project in completed.

We have been in this role in the past and are very comfortable in it. Frequently an architect is required only for the building and initial deployment of a new project. While building the software, we are also more than happy to bring your development team up to speed on the new technologies ensuring that they will be able to maintain the project after we are gone.