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NRA First Steps Pistol

The NRA First Steps Pistol class is a half day course which includes time on the firing line at a shooting range.

This is a firearms class. You will be required to pass an eCORI check in order to take this class.

Items covered in this class

  • Safe handling of firearms
  • Ammunition components and function
  • Firing line exercise
  • For the particular model of firearm in the course
    • Operating Controls
    • Disassembly
    • Assembly
    • Function check
    • cleaning
  • Upon successful completion of this class students will receive
    • Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook
    • NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure
    • Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification booklet
    • FIRST Steps Course completion certificate.
    • Students' Paper Targets
    • Basic Practical Rocker Patch (Upon completion of the shooting drill)
Braintree, Massachusetts
5 hours


See the Course Schedule for upcoming classes.


This course is designed to introduce students to firearms safety. It contains a brief overview of the different types of firearms and covers a lot of safety information while focusing on one particular model of firearm. Along with classroom time, this course includes a trip to the shooting range where students will have the opportunity to use one or more firearms under direct, close, one-to-one supervision.

This class is a good fit for you if:

  • You have never held a gun before. In this course you will learn how to safely operate a firearm in a small group setting without the presence of live ammunition.

  • You have recently purchased a firearm. This course offers a good refresher in firearms safety, along with a review of your new firearm. You will receive a review of firearms safety and information specific to your new firearm.

In either case, this course will consist of classroom training which is conducted in the absence of live ammunition. This is then followed by a trip to the shooting range should the instructor deem all individuals to be sufficiently prepared. The class concludes with a trip back to the classroom where the instructor teaches how to properly clean each firearm. All classroom lessons are conducted without live ammunition. Live ammunition is not permitted inside the classroom.