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PHI Security Awareness and Vigilance for Everyone

"Security Awareness and Vigilance for Everyone" (S.A.V.E.) is course curriculum from Protecting the Homeland Innovations (PHI Training).

From the PHI Training Web Site

S.A.V.E. MethodologyTM for the Front Line Employee (FLE)

Security Awareness and Vigilance for EveryoneTM FLE recognizes that no one, from custodian, to maintenance worker, to ticket taker, understands operations better than the front line employee.  The front line employee’s profound knowledge of what does, or doesn’t, belong in the work environment is exploited during the S.A.V.E.TM FLE training course. S.A.V.E.TM FLE empowers the front line employee to be responsible for the security of his or her workplace teaching the employee how to recognize and report suspicious behaviors. During the course of instruction the employee will learn about the Theory of Behavior AnalysisTM and Behavioral Awareness, Extremism – The Current Threat, Statement Analysis, and Reporting Procedures. The course is offered in an eight hour or four hour format.

The S.A.V.E.TM FLE methodology is modular.  Policies and standard operating procedures are easily incorporated into the training curriculum if this is desired by the client.  PHI is a professional company willing to work with you to achieve your security needs. The eight hour S.A.V.E.TM FLE course format is approved by the Department of Homeland Security (FEMA Course Catalog #NJ-015-PREV) and qualifies for DHS grant funding. 

The class is offered in cooperation with PHI Training, and although we are certified as trainers for it, all requests for this class will be cleared through and may be taught by PHI Training LLC.

Braintree, Massachusetts
4 hours