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We provide training services to individuals as well as to organizations.

We serve any individual seeking to better their understanding of Personal and Physical security and to make the world a safer place.

Make a Difference: We are in the business of empowering people with the knowledge, skills, and know-how for a safer life and to enhance the communities in which they live. The classes that we teach are designed to help well-intentioned individuals understand the steps they can take to make our world a safer place. For nearly all of the courses, no prior knowledge is necessary to enroll. Our goal is to instruct every individual who has a desire to learn.

No Politics in Class: We do not discuss politics in the classroom. We believe that with some topics politics can get in the way of learning. For that reason we believe it's best to take politics out of the picture. Our purpose is not to debate ideologies; it is to teach the topic at hand.

Make the World a Safer Place: Everything that we do at the company is done with the belief that our actions today can change our tomorrow. We teach these classes in the hopes that they will make people safer in every community.